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“Nobody cares about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

- Anonymous Mentor

About Richie

Richie Bello is a solution-driven software developer, trainer and consultant, with over 30 years of experience in developing solutions for various industries.

He is the CEO of Clickable, a leading digital media platform that provides reporting on various industries' performance.

Richie is founder of, an online publication that offers consumers and dealers a better experience.

Richie also leverages his expertise in marketing, sales, and branding to create and deliver world-class customer experience as CEO, White Dove Bird.

He sits on the board of PCS Central America, a nonprofit organization that supports education and health initiatives. Richie founded Richie Bello Institute of Leadership and Management, a not for profit focused on supporting U. S. military veterans.

He’s a published author of three Amazon best selling books with a focus on sales training. He prides himself on creating and delivering world-class training and coaching programs.

Thankful for the mentors and businesses that have supported my achievements.

A leader in providing multiple industries with effective tools for business growth strategies.


SSA Data was founded on the principle that effective marketing starts with the right audience. The lifeline of digital marketers is working with custom data. Our strengths are in sourcing, cleaning, and managing.


With a focus on quality, innovation, & speed, our award-winning technology designers and strategists recognize that functionality and user experience improve our clients' opportunities.


Recognized as an automotive influencer and business coach for entrepreneurs, as well as being a faculty member at Queens College, Richie enjoys mentoring. His podcasts always have an educational spin.


With three best-sellers, Prospect Like A Gold Miner, Ten Steps to Sales Mastery, and Marketing For Car Guys, Richie takes you down a path to being a well-oiled sales professional.




“Richie is a thoughtful leader in the automotive industry. His creativity and knowledge of the industry makes him an invaluable partner, particularly in automotive media, data, and lead generation matters.”

Jeffrey Schwartz
Founder and CEO, Dentity | Web5 Digital Identity

I don't know of anyone who knows data better than Richie Bello and his team. They can create data sets that can give any business a distinct advantage. It is just that simple! Richie has a huge heart and is loyal to those that he cares for and works with... No better player in the data world!

Jeff Clark
President and Partner, Dealer Alchemist

“I have worked with Richie on his network of CEOs and People with Money and game changing technologies. He is so well networked and can build very dynamic tech for e-commerce businesses. If you are looking for a guy to augment your business with incredible web” tech...good guy.”

Jack Myers
Investment Banker, Corporate Finance & Capital

“Richie is a one of a kind mentor, leader, and friend. His commitment to helping people through constantly seeking solutions to problems is definitely what I admire most. I was honored to host Richie on the Car Guy Coffee Podcast. Whether he is connecting multiple resources to veterans, or complementing car guys with tools for their success!”

Lou Ramirez
CGC Media Co-Host / Car Guy Coffee PodcastCo-Founder

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